What is a P11D?

A P11D gives HMRC details about certain benefits you receive from an employer that are not put through payroll, such as health insurance or a company car

Employers need to submit a P11D form to HMRC for every company director or employee earning more than £8,500 per year, or a company director with more than a 5% shareholding in the business.

The form is designed to let HMRC know about any extra benefits or perks an employee receives during the tax year.

Because these benefits are generally not shown on the payroll it is important HMRC knows what they are and what they are worth so they can calculate the correct amount of tax and National Insurance payable.

P11D tax forms have to be filed by July 6 following the end of the tax year. Your employer should give you a copy of your P11D for your records. You will need it if you are registered for Self Assessment or if you want to check any P800 tax calculation form from HMRC.

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