What is Companies House?

Companies House
Companies House is a government registrar of UK limited companies. Companies House stores statutory company information and makes it available to the public in the official government register.

Limited companies have to be registered with Companies House (this is known as ‘incorporation’). Once you have registered, Companies House will send you a ‘certificate of incorporation’ . This is your confirmation that your company legally exists. It also contains your company number and the date of formation.

Once they are registered, limited companies have to file certain documents with Companies House. These include annual accounts, confirmation statements (which replaced annual returns) and any changes of address for directors or the organisation itself.

If you are a Numberworx customer your bookkeeper will guide you through the process of registering with Companies House. It’s all part of the free, unlimited bookkeeping support advice that comes with the Numberworx service.

Your questions answered

If you have any questions about registering with Companies House, we would be happy to help.