What are Capital Allowances?

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Capital Allowances allow you to save money on your tax bill if your business purchases or invests in a capital asset.

HMRC allows you to claim Capital Allowances if you buy or invest in a capital asset for your business. Capital assets can be tangible or intangible. For example, a domain-name is intangible, and a laptop is tangible.

Capital assets are usually something that will be used by your business for a minimum of two years such as equipment, machinery or vehicles. However you can also claim a Capital Allowance on integral features such as heating systems, and fixtures such as CCTV.

Why would I claim Capital Allowance?

Businesses claim Capital Allowances because – although capital assets often require a larger investment than day to day running costs – these costs are not necessarily ‘allowable for tax’ in the way that other overheads are./p>

By using your Capital Allowance, you can deduct the value (or part of the value) of these allowable assets from your pre-tax profits, which means you will pay less tax to HMRC.

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