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When you sign up with Numberworx you’ll be assigned your own personal bookkeeper. He or she will get to know you and your business by name, and be available to give you free, unlimited tax and bookkeeping advice by phone, chat or email throughout the financial year.

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Questions answered

What are the advantages of having
a dedicated bookkeeper?

There are lots of advantages! When you sign up with Numberworx you don’t just get bookkeeping software and a few accountancy services. You get a dedicated bookkeeper who’ll get to know you by name and do everything from keeping accurate accounts to liaising on your behalf with HMRC. We’ll set up an introductory phone call at a time to suit you, and give you a direct number and email address so you can check in any time.


Do I have to pay for
this additional support and advice?

Not at all. Numberworx includes free, unlimited bookkeeping advice and expertise whenever you need it. And because your bookkeeper will know you and your business by name, the advice you receive will be tailored to you.

What exactly will my bookkeeper do for me?

Bookkeeping service brought online

Your personal bookkeeper will do everything a traditional accountant would do, and more. On a daily basis, he or she will keep your accounts straight and up to date. Monthly, there’ll be bank reconciliations to check your incomings and outgoings match the numbers you’ve supplied (and check with you if there’s anything missing or the figures don’t add up). You’ll also be able to see a monthly Profit & Loss report on your dashboard, so you always know where you stand.


Why is that better than
a high street accountant?

Most high street accountants work on a tax-yearly basis, so your bookkeeping and expenses are checked and tallied at the end of the financial year. Not so with Numberworx. Your personal bookkeeper will do everything a traditional accountant would do, but your accounts are checked, updated and reconciled on an almost daily basis. This means mistakes and miscalculations are picked up quickly, and can be resolved long before they reach HMRC.


Will my bookkeeper complete
my VAT and tax returns?

Yes. Your personal bookkeeper will prepare your tax return at the end of the financial year, and then call you to discuss it before filing it with HMRC. If your business is VAT registered, he or she will also take care of your quarterly VAT returns. It’s all part of the service.

Your own personal bookkeeperYour own personal bookkeeper

VAT returns preparedYour tax & VAT returns done

Speak to the same person every timSpeak to the same person every time

Receive monthly bank reconciliatiReceive monthly reports

Build a relationshipWe build a relationship with you

Unlimited helpUnlimited help & support