Five tips for brilliant start-ups

Be single minded

Don’t try to be or do everything. Focus on what one single-minded proposition, and make it your business to be brilliant at it. Over-deliver at every possible opportunity; giving that little bit extra won’t cost much more but your customers will remember and recommend you for it.

Five tips for brilliant start-ups

Do what you love

It sounds simple but it’s incredibly important. The more you love your work, the easier and more rewarding it becomes. Starting your own business takes a huge amount of time, energy and resources, but if it’s something you feel really passionate about, you’ll love it every step of the way.


Make sure you get paid

It’s quite simple. If you don’t get paid your business will fail. So set up payment terms right at the outset, and stick to them. If you need to spend money up front on materials, ask for a deposit to cover the cost. And if a customer doesn’t pay you on time, don’t’ work for them again until they do.


Don’t undercut yourself

It’s tempting to cut your prices to get work, but this can actually devalue your skill or service in the eyes of your customer. It can also make it difficult to put your rates back up later without your client feeling he’s being overcharged.  So be realistic about your prices from the start.


Experience matters

Work with good people from the beginning. Whilst younger talent might be cheaper to hire and easier to mould to your methods, your business will benefit from clear thinking and proven experience in the early days. “Always hire people that are better than you” is a good rule of thumb, for good reason!