One page business plan

A business often starts with an idea, but for your idea to come to life you'll need some form of a structured plan. A business plan is also necessary if you wish to approach banks and investors and obtain funds.

A plan is useful as it will give you, the entrepreneur, a structure for all the activities you need to list for your business: products or services, your value proposition (what value do you actually bring to your customers in addition to your products and services), customer relationships and distribution channels (how are you going to sell your products and to whom?), partners, suppliers and resources to manage your business in the most effective way.

The Business Model Canvas

Here at Numberworx we’re big fans of tips and tricks that make entrepreneur's lives easier since our very own mission is to simplify your life.

The Business Model Canvas, developed by Strategyzer, allows you to simply list all those activities on a single page. It also allows you to identify costs and estimate how much your revenue could be and where it would come from.

You'll need to think about your business’ profits and costs and tax duties to the HMRC as soon as you start trading. Or you may wonder if you need VAT or not for your business.

Don’t forget: your online accounting service, Numberworx, is there to help you manage these for you, while you concentrate on everything else. 

You can download the Business Model Canvas here, courtesy of and watch this video for an explanation as to how it works.

How do you respond to your customers’ pain points?

In today’s competitive world, thinking hard about how you can differentiate from other businesses can give you a head start. Think about your customer’s pain points and their wants and needs and how you can best respond to those.

Strategyzer have also come up with a simplified value proposition model to enable start-ups to think about how their products and services can best respond to their customers pain points. 

Download the Value Proposition here

We hope these two resources are useful to your business models and don’t forget: Numberworx, your own online accounts team, are here to take away your own pains, such as lack of time of dealing with your accounts and HMRC so that you have more time to focus on running your business. So call us now at +44 (0)1233 266420 to discuss or enquire at